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    Living in the fifties, in Lyon, France, Professor Nogier’sauricularmedicine, brought to light the neurovegetative dimensions of the VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) while studying the radial pulse, giving rise to a classification of the various somatotopias located on the auricle.


    Dr Jean-Louis Brinette, from Mulhouse in France, studied with Professor Nogier. On the basis of Nogier’s work, he devised a somato-emotional technique through an understanding of Energy as “information in movement”. He then defined the frequency dispatching role of the mind and coined the Auto-Compensating System (SAC) concept.


    Gilles Gueguen, physiotherapist and mathematician from Tours, France, worked with the energy logic system developed by StephaneLupasco, epistemologist and philosopher. He developed the use of this understanding in the field of healing.


    Etiotherapy, a body technique, is Patrick Latour’ssynthesis of fundamental research in Auricular-medicine, etiomedicine and energology that provides a systemic and holistic dimension to the act of healing.

    Training and practice of Etiotherapy are strictly restricted to licensed practitioners.

    Etiotherapy is a technique aimed at therapeutic use only.

    Its principles and concepts are not rooted in mystical or esoteric argumentation.

    Etiotherapy therefore claims no connection to any philosophical, religious or political school of thought.

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    Trained dentist (1972). After 19 years of general practice, particularly in surgery, takes interest in osteopathic medicine and mental health.

    • 1974-75 Graduate certificate in Oral Biology
    • 1998 Osteopathic diploma (cranial and dental)
    • 1995-96 University degree in behavioural and cognitive medicine
    • 1988-04 Study in Occlusodentistry
    • 2002-03 Training in TCM

    1998 Foundation ofEtiotherapy

    • 2000 Establishes an Etiotherapy school
    • 2002 Creates the “Search for Meaning Workshops” and “Philosophyfor the approach of reality, the person and life” workshops.
    • 2007 Creates the SCOOP protocol
    • 2012-13 Creates Global Emerging Systems and SCOOP workshops
    • Patrick Latour published his numerous lectures on the relationship between the biology of physics and philosophy. He is now devoting more and more time to writing and creating.
    • He has three sons and seven grandchildren.
    • In English the training is headed by Christopher Fleischner